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Rain Man vs. Joseph Campbell: Beyond the Hero’s Journey

Yet we are trained by the stories of this self-styled individualism, its attendant self-obsession over personal wounds and desires that must be faced. As if stories were there to serve only a private therapeutic function. This basic level of selfish heroism is in fact a fantasy. And perhaps, I suppose it could be argued, a necessary one in some respects because it is itself a bulwark against an unbearable reality of our own foolishness, our own meaninglessness, our own boredom, the slow tedium of everyday life. We are, perhaps all, in fact becoming Walter Mittys – or perhaps a better more recent example is Sam Lowry from the film Brazil – one of the quintessential American heroic tropes. We’re all timid bored milquetoasts trapped in an addicted consumer-driven neoliberal dystopian nightmare who increasingly rely on heroic fantasy to cope with reality becoming more and more unbearable.

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Dinosaurs in the Ark: Beyond Fundamentalism, Creationism and the Divine Logos

The recent efforts of creationism are an effort to restore not only an anachronistic worldview, but represent a quixotic attempt to corral all meaning into the parameters of an authoritative text. The awkward insistence on textual authority and Biblical inerrancy enact a cultural regression that is indicative of a reactive culture and a failure of expanding notions of faith that Christian ethicists desire.