Author: Fragile Dignity

Essayist, critic, psychotherapist and free range academic. Whelped and whipped in Texas, but now living in the forests of Northern California. Fragile Dignity is a workshop of critical theory in the service of social and ecological liberation.
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Beyond Bigfoot’s Banality

All of our thoughts and lore of Bigfoot center on a basic question – but is it real?  This is the key concern here.  Not Sasquatch, but Reality.  The key concern is a test of science.  The questions we ask are more in line with forensics.  Hair. Footprints.  DNA.  Fossils.  Carbon dating.    As the 17th Century Enlightenment philosopher Sir Francis Bacon said the ambitions of science, “My only earthly wish is… to stretch the deplorably narrow limits of man’s dominion over the universe to their promised bounds… [nature will be] bound into service, hounded in her wanderings and put on the rack and tortured for her secrets.”  

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Oceans of the Forgotten

When I look back on my life, turn my thoughts to accounting for past events, beyond a week or so ago, memories fade.  Each day in the past, thumbing through the calendar, each day a little less distinct, fading into what folk metaphors tell us of our memory warehouse, a kind of secret library in our mind littered with cobwebs and dark dusty corners.  Banker’s boxes on shelves, file cabinets, pictures, antiques, a spiral staircase to different levels; the shiftable inner recesses, the Xanadu of the mind.  Some areas of the warehouse are in front, accessible, others more discrete, or hidden, even some places with more security than others, requiring a series of keys.  But the memories are only apprehended as much as we can pay attention to them.  As if we traipse around the memory warehouse with a single torch – you can only see as far as the light goes, the rest fading to shades of grey and the darkness beyond.