Category: eco-liberation studies

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Beyond Bigfoot’s Banality

All of our thoughts and lore of Bigfoot center on a basic question – but is it real?  This is the key concern here.  Not Sasquatch, but Reality.  The key concern is a test of science.  The questions we ask are more in line with forensics.  Hair. Footprints.  DNA.  Fossils.  Carbon dating.    As the 17th Century Enlightenment philosopher Sir Francis Bacon said the ambitions of science, “My only earthly wish is… to stretch the deplorably narrow limits of man’s dominion over the universe to their promised bounds… [nature will be] bound into service, hounded in her wanderings and put on the rack and tortured for her secrets.”  

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Selfhood in the Age of Apocalypse

Because of all this outsourcing and privatizing of social responsibility, all this onus placed on individuals.  It makes social movements, movements of solidarity, harder to create.  In the last Gilded Age, the Progressive Movement changed politics, driven by social solidarity and evangelism.  Same went for the Great Depression, driven by organized labor and grassroots democratic socialists.  Can there be another wave?  A Green New Deal?  What quorum of power will drive this most critical turn?  Could it be the first generations in human history that are being brought up in a world so bleak that extinction is literally possible?

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The Perfect Poo of Adonis

What, in short, is in the periphery of Adonis, what in the shadows, behind the movie set kitchen?  What is left unsaid?   I can’t help but fantasize about the contents of the superhero’s garbage can.  Does he recycle?  What’s left of the now contaminated residuum of those single-serving wrappers of Cliff Bars?  Are his Almond milk containers and plastic jugs of pea protein clogging up a landfill?  Those leftover tins of tuna and sacks of raw, organic almonds, once lovingly stored in his stainless steel Frigidaire, now finding their way to the ocean to be inhaled by a sperm whale?