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Fearless Girl and the False Prophets of Wall Street

Given this context, Fearless Girl has an even more insidious, surreal quality. It’s like when Mercedes Benz appropriated Che Guevara at an auto show to promote their new cars as revolutionary. Or like when the Washington DC Martin Luther King Memorial is unveiled as a white statue. This is a function of capitalism as a political ideology, however, to absorb all dissent, to obfuscate criticism, sanitize history and flatten social space with a halo of social and political amnesia.

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Dinosaurs in the Ark: Beyond Fundamentalism, Creationism and the Divine Logos

The recent efforts of creationism are an effort to restore not only an anachronistic worldview, but represent a quixotic attempt to corral all meaning into the parameters of an authoritative text. The awkward insistence on textual authority and Biblical inerrancy enact a cultural regression that is indicative of a reactive culture and a failure of expanding notions of faith that Christian ethicists desire.