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Why we need another Independence Day

We now live in a kind of ironic time, struggling with the antiquated structure of America with another progressive history of reform – ending slavery, fighting for worker’s rights, women’s rights, civil rights – a legacy of protracted progress of inclusion and living democracy that challenges American democracy – not a a relic of the past but as a projection into the future. It’s worthwhile to remember that every bit of progress of inclusion, equality and fairness has required an enormous overcoming against the violent, reactive and entrenched forces of the managerial class. It comes from the disobedient, from those who fight to help fulfill the promise of self-governance.

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There is no such thing as climate change denial

Despite all of this happening in the real world, there are always those who portend to cast doubt on anthropogenetic global warming, who claim it is an elaborate hoax. Much of this blog has been dedicated to analyzing various cultural myths and ideologies of our post truth landscape – but climate chance is not one of these. It is real. Science and facts are real. But what is mythical here is the strange inner world of the so-called climate denier.